¿Where do the fashion bloggers get their information?

Once I was trying to get material to post and decided to google this : ¿Where do  the fashion bloggers get their information? and guess what… nothing came out! So I will give you the next few selfmade tips.

Just find your way, i´m still trying to but sometimes inspiration come out ; it could be your outfit, things you want to buy and decide to take a picture, some stripes in the street , someone walking… anyway anything could be content to your blog but always keep in mind what you want people to see about you and never lose your own prerrogative.

In general we can do…

  • Selfies: take a picture of you and post them in the social media.
  • Look up in  other blogs and linke them in yours.
  • Search the updates in fashion magazines online( vogue, elle, style.com and so on.
  • Take some photos of  streetfashion.
  • Your #ootd: come from the phrase outfit of the day

Just trust yourself.

fashion blogs


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