5 TIPS to answer the question ¿ what do I wear ?

“I try  everyday to answer this question, but I´m going to figure it out how tellwhat I have learned and give you some of my conclussions”



1. It depends on the ocassion: to work, night out with your fellows, gym or partying all night long, it will make you dismiss plenty options and you will have a determined group of pieces.

2. Climate: sometimes it´s good to be cool by risking and going further but fur in the caribbean is not an  option!

At this point if you want to wear sweaters in the caribbean, for example,  try to use the ones which are made with cotton and breatheable fabrics. 

3. Choose one element which could be the main spot of your outfit : in my personal case I try to do this with shoes and in second place with accesories, with clothes I´m usually more plane but never simple.

4. When you want to be risky: mix and match patterns that never imagine could be mixed and in case you feel a little bit weird take off the last piece and retry with other option.

5. Be yourself: with it will never fail in any place of ocassion.


A hug  #modamadonnamialovers